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Vacation or Staycation? March 12 2019


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The combinations are endless with Paper Label
We find people want a lot of mileage from
the pieces they buy from us.
We often joke that we want to wear something to drop off the kids at school, go out for lunch, to work from home, just to lounge, go out to dinner, and to sleep in.
Well, joking aside, Paper Label has it all - no kidding!
Just add jeans and the appropriate footwear, for the complete package.
Six looks from Paper Label - Spring 2019
Paper Label Spring 2019 more looks
Pamper Yourself with a Dry Brush
A soft, healthy natural glow; We all want it.
Through the art of skin brushing, using quality, organic and environmentally friendly brushes, you can achieve the beautiful, smooth skin you’ve always wanted.
Merben Dry Brush collection
10 Reasons to start Dry Brushing